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If you're here for either of these reasons, you're in the RIGHT place

  • You're a high school freshman, sophomore or junior who wants to learn everything you possibly can about the recruiting process 

  • You're already in college and you're looking to transfer to another program. You need help navigating the process all over again


  • You're a parent or high school coach who wants to help your athlete get recruited but you have little to no idea about how the recruiting process works

If you said, "Yup! That's me" to any of the above ...

Welcome to the ...

Recruit academy

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Learn everything there is to know about : 

- Navigating the recruitment process like a top recruit

- Finding and positioning yourself in front of  the colleges looking for you

 - Confidently contacting ANY college coach

- Negotiating and securing the top college offers you deserve

Here's exactly what

You'll be

doing and learning

Want to get recruited but don't know where or how to start?


College Pro Recruitment Prep Bootcamp (7

In Recruitment 101, we're breaking down everything you need to know about what it takes to get recruited. Expect to understand topics such as:

  • Eligibility Requirements

  • Recruiting Rules and Regulations

  • Division I, II and III Institutions

  • NAIA Institutions and Junior College Institutions

Not sure how or where to find the colleges looking for you?


College Pro Recruitment Prep Bootcamp (8

In Recruitment 200, you'll find out exactly what type of recruit you are and how to find the schools looking for you based on your grades and stats and financial need. Expect to learn how to:

  • Set achievable recruitment goals

  • Determine which institutions are right for you based on your academic and athletic skillset

  • Determine which conferences are right for you

  • Build a college list that will get you recruited

Not sure how to approach college coaches?

Not getting responses to your emails?

Tired of getting rejection after rejection?


College Pro Recruitment Prep

The moment we've all been waiting for ... the main event. Recruitment 300 is all about contacting college coaches and reaching them in a way that will lead to REAL offers. Expect to:

  • Position yourself directly in front of the college coaches that want to make you life changing offers

  • Draft and send recruitment emails that won't get ignored

  • Confidently call college coaches to market your own abilities 

Don't understand the signals you're getting from college coaches? 

Not sure if the coach making you an offer is really the coach that can help you take your talent to the next level?



College Pro Recruitment Prep Bootcamp (1

College coaches are so important, we're dedicating two whole courses to successfully navigating interactions with them. In Recruiting 300, expect to learn how to:

  • Build real relationships with college coaches

  • Ask the right recruitment questions 

  • Assess your compatibility level with interested college coaches 

  • Determine if you'll be getting an offer from the very first interaction with a college coach

Not sure how or when to bring up scholarships when talking to college coaches?


Not getting the offers you're looking for?


Not sure if there are better offers out there than the ones you have?

Not quite sure if you what you heard was even an actual offer?


College Pro Recruitment Prep Bootcamp (2

And for the grand finale, the moment we can all admit we considered skipping a few steps to get to ... THE OFFERS. Recruitment 400 is all about about offers. Expect to learn how to:

  • Identify and prioritize different types of offers

  • Discuss offers with college coaches

  • Negotiate offers based on your financial need and talent level

  • Leverage the offers you have to get the offers you want

  • Respectfully decline the offers that are not the right fit for you

  • Choose the offer that is right for you

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Learn the ins and outs of the recruitment process, find the colleges looking for you, confidently market your abilities to coaches that actually want to make you offers and negotiate your own offers – ALL in just 30 days!

Here's how it all works

Step 1. 

Register for Recruit Academy

Step 2. 

Fill out the recruitment questionnaire that will be sent to the college coaches

in the College Pro Academy Community

Step 3. 

Meet with Coach Krista Forbes 1:1 weekly and be walked through each lesson step by step

Step 4. 

Apply what you've learned each week immediately

following the class by completing weekly assignments


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One time payment of

$ 649

Learn the ins and outs of the recruitment process, find the colleges looking for you, confidently market your abilities to coaches that actually want to make you offers and negotiate your own offers 




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Scott, Division I Athlete

This program was instrumental in how I conducted myself when being interviewed by coaches, getting to know the schools, and understanding what they liked to hear beforehand. Outside of my soccer and academic capabilities, this program is what got me my 54k a year full ride. I transferred and applied the same tactics I learned and got around 3 more full offers the next year


Ramoya, NCAA Division II Athlete

Coach K was my mentor and recruiting coach. I'm proud to say I'm one of her first athletes! She helped me look for the colleges that would be interested in me based on my stats. She really helped me when it came to contacting college coaches. She'd constantly follow up with my college prep process even AFTER I signed my letter of intent and she helped me to complete the NCAA Eligibility center forms.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 9.35.48 PM.png

Shamika, NCAA Division I Athlete

My overall experience with working with Krista has been amazing. She was very helpful in helping me to understand the recruitment process and how market my athletic capabilities to college coaches. She made sure I understood all my responsibilities and kept me on track with everything that needed to be done throughout the process. Even though I've completed her program and I got recruited, I can still ask her questions and she will willingly help. Meeting Krista  made the process so much easier.


Timothy, NCAA Division II Athlete

This program has played a huge role in helping me understand how going to college abroad works and all the processes involved. I don't think I would have gotten recruited without it.

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